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Our Late Spring Canberra Garden

The makings of a summer salad or two…

Herbs to enhance all manner of dishes…

The gorgeous garlic (Monaro Red, I think…) planted months ago with my sister-in-law AJ! xx

Lovely to have a few fruit trees finally in the garden… and a quiet place to sit on balmy evenings.



Sturt’s Desert Pea

Sturt's Desert Pea | gatherandgraze.com

Sturt’s Desert Peas (Swainsona Formosa), seen on a leisurely walk with friends in the Australian National Botanic Gardens here in Canberra yesterday afternoon. These unique little flowers are native to the arid regions of Australia. They are also the floral emblem of the state of South Australia.

The Quiet Delights of Spring

A snapshot of spring flowers readying themselves to bloom in our garden.

The Magnolia tree in full flower. Hoping that any wind will remain gentle for a little longer.


Bulbs making a surprise appearance amongst the lemongrass.

The new-found warmth from the sun appreciated by all who bask beneath.

Spring is but 4 days old, but already instilling it’s quiet sense of beauty through growth.