I’d like to be up front in saying that I don’t believe in using reduced or low-fat dairy options, or any form of margarine or blended butter-impersonating spreads in my cooking.  It seems to me that too much tampering with milk, cheeses, yoghurt and butter is turning what should be such natural, traditional products into the laboratory-created frankensteins that line the refrigerated shelves of our supermarkets.  I may well be wrong, but my gut feeling is that the obesity epidemic the world is currently facing stems partially from the introduction of these kinds of modified foods.  More thoughts on this subject matter to come…

Excerpt from post titled Classic Chocolate Cake


2 thoughts on “DAIRY

    1. Gather and Graze Post author

      Yay, pleased to hear it Beck. It really is one of the most natural food products out there and brings such great flavour to all sorts of cooking and baking. No way I’m giving up butter!


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